The vision is to make the UK home to data-driven research, scientific advances and innovation in healthcare to improve patient outcomes. The UK has some of the richest healthcare datasets worldwide. However, NHS and health research data are not always accessible, and their potential uses for research and innovation are not being fully realised. The aim is to increase the access and use of health data in a trustworthy and ethical way in order to develop improvements in the UK’s health technology and deliver benefits to patients and the population.

This document is for all organisations involved in the DIH programme (whether as a data user, Digital Innovation Hub or data custodian in the UK Health Data Research Alliance).

The principles for participation draw on national and international best practice frameworks and recommendations. They will guide working practices and should be reinforced through specific agreements through which organisations will engage with each other and with the Programme. They are set out and followed by a summary of the existing frameworks, principles and recommendations that underpin the principles for participation.

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