Safe and secure access and use of health and care data can be used in research to provide benefit to patients in the form of new or improved medicines, diagnostics, devices and services.  In order to achieve this, our Heath Data Research Hubs, who work to improve the range and quality of data, need sustainable business models that enable them to continue to make data available for fair and responsible use.

To support the Hubs in establishing commercial relationships, Health Data Research UK has developed a series of legal materials for use by the Hubs. The first of which is a master services agreement (“MSA”) template, under which a customer from any sector can acquire data research services from the relevant Hub, in respect of datasets owned or licensed by Hub consortium members.

The template has been designed to be adapted according to the nature of the agreements made and is supported by a guidance note which outlines the different ways that the template may be used. The parties should ensure that the template is tailored to the specific circumstances and intended use in each case. These documents were developed in consultation with Hub representatives and legal advisors. We are also currently working with our Hub PPIE Leads and Representatives to gather further feedback on the templates.

Provision of these documents by HDR UK does not constitute any professional or legal advice, and the parties should obtain independent legal and professional advice on use of these documents.

We are very much open to further feedback and consultation on the above documentation. If you have any questions or comments about these, please contact us.

Click here to view the Master Services Agreement (“MSA”) template

Click here to view the Maser Services Agreement (“MSA”) guidance note