The UK has some of the richest health data in the world, combined with world-class data science expertise, making us well-placed as an international leader in health data research.

Hear from our Director, Andrew Morris, as he explains how health data research can make a difference at home and abroad.

Whilst we do not hold any health data, HDR UK is establishing the UK’s health data research infrastructure through:

  • Uniting health data by bringing together the UK’s datasets and making them safely and securely discoverable and accessible for research through the UK Health Data Alliance and Innovation Gateway, in a way that earns the trust of patients and the public.
  • Improving health data by providing tools, methods, hubs, and national expertise in health data quality improvement for researchers and innovators.
  • Enabling research and innovation that has a large-scale impact, demonstrating novel approaches to health data use,and establishing an expert group of national research leaders in health data science.

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How has Health Data Research UK evolved?

Since the establishment of HDR UK in 2017, there have been huge advances in different key areas of our work including our science priorities, training programmes, UK Health Data Alliance, Health Data Research Hubs, Innovation Gateway and much more.

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