Cutting edge skills for an emerging sector

Health data science is a rapidly emerging sector, offering rewarding careers at the forefront of medical and healthcare research. We are committed to ensuring that health data scientists have the education and training they need for a flourishing future and that the next generation are equipped for the exciting challenges ahead.

Nurturing talent and providing training are also essential to filling the national data skills gap and to building the workforce needed to fulfil HDR UK’s mission to improve health and care by realising the potential of large-scale data.

What we offer

Our Capacity Building Team works in partnership with a wide range of national and international organisations to provide:

We have a T-shaped strategy aimed at offering breadth and depth of learning. Our aims include attracting new people from diverse social, academic and professional backgrounds into health data research.

We are also striving to ensure that researchers, at all stages of their careers, have access to skills and knowledge that will keep them at the cutting edge of the field. In the years ahead the HDR UK Talent and Training Team will be rapidly expanding the number and range of training and learning opportunities it provides.

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Training needs and aims

Our training and learning initiatives are directly geared to supporting HDR UK’s the National Research Priorities which are: Better care, understanding the causes of diseases, improving public health, applied analytics, plus better, faster, more efficient clinical trials.

HDR UK is aiming to identify and to meet the country’s health data research needs. We would love to hear from you at if you have a training need we can help with, a training offer for health data science researchers or want to know more about our work in talent and training.

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