A new health data learning programme

HDR UK is working collaboratively with the NHS, industry and academic partners to create a full range of curricula that will meet the needs of health data scientists working in all settings – including industry, healthcare and academia.

The result will be an extensive catalogue of courses, events and other learning activities which are carefully curated to provide the competencies needed for many different career pathways, from discovery research through to applied clinical research. We believe this is vital so that individual scientists can progress in their own careers and to accelerate the safe, standardised and sustainable development of the entire sector.

There are also workshops and seminars you can take part in – keep an eye on our events page for all that’s happening and sign up for our regular bulletins.

If there are any specific questions email learn@hdruk.ac.uk.

Career Stories

New frontiers are being opened up by the UK’s health data scientists. They are from all parts of the UK and from many different backgrounds.

Read the career stories of some of the people whose careers development has been supported by HDR UK as we seek to nurture the diverse and inclusive health data science workforce of the future or find out more about careers in health data science.

Supporting national research priorities

Our training and education programme is being developed in a focused way that supports HDR UK’s research priorities for using data to tackle the country’s most pressing healthcare needs. These are:

  • Understanding the causes of diseases Using data from technologies that describe human diseases in detail can provide insights into biology and disease at scale.
  • Clinical trials New approaches are needed for analysing trial results. Clinical triallists also need a new system to identify the right trial participants.
  • Improving public health Better data use is vital to understanding the causes of poor health and to anticipating the effect a behaviour or intervention.
  • Better care Equipping clinicians and patients with the best possible data-based information is vital to aid health and care decisions.
  • Human phenome Researchers and clinicians need a well-curated resource where researchers and clinicians can deposit algorithms, tools, methods and training materials on human health characteristics (the phenome).
  • Applied analytics Helping the right people access the data they need, in a way that protects the data, maintains patient anonymity, and allows innovation.

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