Our Scholarships

HDR UK is partnering with charities and industry to fund talented students through MScs that will see them carry out valuable real-world health data science research.

This will provide them with the insights, knowledge experience and qualifications they need to enter a field that offers lots of great career opportunities and the chance to make a genuine difference to health and care.

What’s more, with a national skills shortage, health data scientists are in high demand across academia, industry, the third sector and the NHS.

The £10,000 scholarships will be jointly funded by HDR UK and partners including Diabetes UK and Alzheimer’s Research UK.

This approach means that students will be carrying out a valuable piece of research that contributes to the work of our partners, while building up their own networks and knowledge.

“The flexibility of these scholarships, which allow students to carry out valuable real-world research for organisations at the forefront of healthcare research, makes them the ideal launchpad for a fulfilling career and the chance to make a genuine difference to people’s lives and wellbeing,” HDR UK Chief Talent and Training Officer Tim Frayling

Who is eligible

We are looking for talented people who want to help advance healthcare research. Applications are welcome from undergraduates or returning students – perhaps you have had a career break or are working in another field.

No experience of health data science is needed, but applicants will need a strong background in a quantitative subject such as maths, physics or engineering.

Applications open in April, with the first cohort beginning their studies in September.


Looking for a master's course?

There are excellent master's degree courses run by universities across the UK that help train students so they are ready to go straight into the job market. Here are some to check out

Become an HDR UK scholarship partner

Our MSc scholarships are helping train the new generation of talented professionals needed to close the health data science skills gap.

We are looking for more charity and industry partners to co-fund students.

This gives organisations a highly cost-effective way to fund a valuable piece of research and gives them access to the kind of motivated people who they may wish to recruit to their teams.