About the programme

The UK has an urgent need for new health data scientists – it’s a rapidly expanding field with the recognised potential to transform the future of health and care for all, and we believe that health data science should be as effective as possible in serving and reflecting the needs of the entire UK population.

With the UK Health Data Research Alliance and the 10,000 Black Interns Foundation, we are committed to delivering the third year of our programme. We continue with our aim to tackle the underrepresentation of Black people within health data science and, with your support, provide motivated candidates with an opportunity to expand their knowledge around the sector and gain the experience they need to advance their careers.

What we offer to host organisations

  • Promote the programme to a national audience of students and graduates to generate a large pool of potential candidates
  • Oversee the recruitment process from receipt of applications to sifting, whilst also ensuring that host organisations have suitable interviewees
  • Manage the internship education and co-ordinate cohort-wide training programmes and activities throughout
  • Provide mentors for interns and mentoring guidance
  • Highlight the impact from the programme and provide communications toolkits
  • Provide ongoing support to you before, during and after internship programme
  • Develop and deliver networking events for all involved in the programme
  • Webinars to find out more: Tuesday 29 November
    Interviews with host organisations: Monday 30 January 2023 – Friday 28 April 2023

    The internship will be for 8-weeks on the following dates:
    Internships: Monday 3 July – Friday 25 August 2023
    Closing ceremony: Thursday 31 August 2023

    • Pay interns the Real Living Wage for London as a minimum (regardless of where host or intern are based)
    • Obtain organisational permission
    • Carry out interviews – (we will sift applications for you)
    • Complete Right To Work checks
    • Create an 8-week health data project for your intern(s)
    • Let us know how you’d like to host interns – online, hybrid, in-person, flexible
    • Provide a laptop if needed for your intern(s)

Interested in finding out how to become a host organisation?

If you would like to register your interest in finding out about our 2024 programme, please fill in your details below:

Registering your interest

If you have any questions or would like to have a call with us and your colleagues, please feel welcome to reach us at blackinternprog@hdruk.ac.uk.