Outline of their provision to the Hub

IQVIA provide technology that will underpin 2 of the Hub’s priorities, ensuring the return of fair value back to the NHS through supporting NHS delivery of care through improvement of cancer analytics in near real time; and through improving trial matching via privacy-protecting technology.

Additionally, IQVIA provides people to support with the recruitment and roll out of technology and software to enable the ambitions above.

IQVIA also provides the Hub with the understanding of commercial researcher needs and industry relationships to facilitate the sustainability imperative of the Hub.

Benefit to the Hub

  • IQVIA have committed £3.75M to DATA-CAN (without receiving grant funding) as a founding partner.
  • Fair value to NHS via – improvement of cancer analytics and improving matching patients to trials.
  • Technology and software provision to support the aims of DATA-CAN.
  • Commercial insights and business development opportunities.

Benefit to the industry partner

  • IQVIA are able to accelerate the delivery of infrastructure which can improve the efficiency of UK clinical trials.
  • IQVIA want to increase the amount of research (clinical and real world) conducted within the UK.
  • Allow IQVIA to provide input on which cancer datasets will have most value for medical and clinical impact.
  • Enhance IQVIA’s UK reputation by providing demonstrable value to the NHS.
  • IQVIA receive no funding from the bid, nor preferential access nor patient-identifiable data and are not a data controller.