Bursaries are being offered to early career scientists affiliated to members of the UK Health Data Research Alliance (the Alliance) for an immersive week-long course exploring Reproducible Machine Learning of Wearables in Health Data Science.

The course will connect post-graduate and post-doctoral researchers from academia and industry with experts at Oxford’s Big Data Institute and Nuffield Department of Population Health.

The HDR UK bursaries are available for up to 13 early career scientists and will reduce the course cost from £1,750 to £250. Applications need to be made by noon on 20 February.

The course takes place from 12-17 March at St Hilda’s College, University of Oxford.

A list of current Alliance members is available here.

About the course

The course will include:

  • Daily lectures providing broad context and conceptual insights into key issues
  • Interactive computer sessions consolidating conceptual knowledge with practical skills
  • Opportunities for one-to-one interactions with leading Oxford academics
  • A relaxed small-group atmosphere.

The study topics will be:

  • Real world validation
  • Time-series machine learning
  • Reproducibility
  • Reporting machine learning models in health data science
  • Epidemiological considerations.

Further information about the course and how to apply is available here.