Get to grips with essential health data science programming skills and Agile principles

Learn the Agile and programming skills needed to conceptualise, create, test, and release a new health data science project. Discover and use the latest Health Information Engineering (HIE) tools in this expert-led online workshop series.

Pre-course webinar before the three Zoom workshop sessions.

“One of the most enjoyable courses I have done.”

Workshop series

  • Intro webinar (3 April)
  • Zoom workshops (27, 28 April and 5 May)

What you will learn

  • Programming with Python, HTML, JS and CSS
  • Data management
  • Relational databases
  • SQL queries
  • Using Git for version control, including best practices
  • Software testing
  • Agile principles and the Scrum framework

How you will learn

  • Webinar covering the fundamental principles
  • Work in an Agile team over Zoom to build a full-stack data dashboard including unit testing

Who runs the workshop series?

  • Dr Iliada Eleftheriou, a lecturer in Healthcare Sciences (University of Manchester)
  • Dr Alan Davies, a senior lecturer in Health Data Sciences (University of Manchester)

Both Dr Eleftheriou and Dr Davies  possess a wealth of knowledge and experience and are passionate about what HIE can achieve in improving health and care.

A limited number of free spaces are available for members of the HDR UK Alliance and Alumni Group. Please email if you are a member of one of these groups and wish to attend.


HIE is a rapidly evolving area at the forefront of advances in UK healthcare so this workshop is an opportunity to get up to speed as many more databases and data sources are becoming available.

“This is a really worthwhile and useful course which I thoroughly recommend.”

Attendees of the workshop will gain invaluable experience managing data and get to grips with relevant software engineering techniques. This workshop is ideal for anyone who wants to get involved with projects using data to improve care, and provides a platform for those who wish to develop a career in software engineering. The workshop will be run over Zoom.


  • Timetable:

    • Pre-course introductory webinar: Monday 3rd April 2023 (12:00-13:00)
    • Release of self-directed learning material: Monday 3rd April 2023
    • Workshop live session (day 1): Thursday 27th April 2023 (10:00-17:00)
    • Workshop live session (day 2): Friday 28th April 2023 (10:00-17:00)
    • Workshop live session (day 3): Friday 5th May 2023 (10:00-13:00)

The workshop is accredited by the Faculty of Clinical Informatics (FCI) for 15 CPD points.

Watch our introductory video to learn more about the workshop

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