Lead organisation: Imperial College Health Partners
Lead: Axel Heitmueller

Discover-NOW will be the Health Data Research Hub for Real World Evidence. It is a unique partnership led by Imperial College Health Partners bringing together NHS organisations, globally recognised academic, technology, industry and charity partners as well as patients and the public to revolutionise the way health information is used to treat and prevent disease in the future.

Historically health research has predominantly used data to look retrospectively. Through safe and secure curation of patient information, Discover-NOW will provide leading clinicians, researchers and scientists with access to de-identified linked patient information at scale in near to real time. This will enable them to look prospectively to identify new patterns in disease thus helping us to better manage many conditions and, in some cases, prevent them happening in the first place.

Discover-NOW has the potential to benefit millions of people, however, we will only realise these benefits if we have the support and trust of our communities and wider population. We are therefore proud to be supporting one of the most progressive public engagement programmes to build trust and confidence in how health information is used. It is only through working in partnership with our communities that we will understand their expectations with regards to how their information should be used, enabling us to design a Hub that operates in line with these thus building trust.

Dr Axel Heitmueller, Managing Director of Imperial College Health Partners and Director of Discover-NOW:

“Through the safe and secure curation of patient information Discover-NOW will create a step change in the way health information is accessed and analysed to accelerate the development of new treatments, devices and applications that support better management and prevention of a range of conditions. This work will benefit millions of people into the future and contribute significantly to the health and wellbeing of our population.”

John Norton, Citizen Partner of Discover-NOW, said:

“As a London citizen I am hugely excited about this initiative and the benefits it will bring to patients and the public. Through bringing information that already exists about us as patients together and enabling researchers and scientists to access this in new and secure ways, the Discover-NOW Hub could be the key to unlocking new life saving treatments or even preventing killer diseases altogether. Data really can save lives”

Organisations involved in Discover-NOW: Imperial College Health Partners (lead institution) | Imperial College London | Association of Medical Research Charities | Diabetes UK | Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust | North West London Collaboration of Clinical Commissioning Groups | NorthWest EHealth | One London LHCRE | Dr Foster | Medopad | Genomics England |  Janssen | Google | IBM | Discover | AstraZeneca | Novartis