The highlights for this update include:  

  • INSIGHTS in our latest report to SAGE 
  • PROGRESS on Data and Connectivity National Core Study in this month’s report 
  • REGISTER for the National Core Studies Symposium  
  • EXPLORE our new webpage with information for the public  
  • DISCOVER COVID-19 data and tools on the Health Data Research Innovation Gateway 

INSIGHTS: Our latest report to SAGE

This week we published the latest research insights and data access updates in our regular report that we share with SAGE (the Government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies), UK Research and Innovation and the wider science community. 

The highlights for this report include the following research, all of which demonstrate the benefits and insights that can be gained from using linked health data at scale: 

Real-world data from the vaccine rollout in Scotland suggest that the first dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech and the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccines are 91% and 88% effective at reducing COVID-19 hospitalisation, respectively. 

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Preliminary analyses combining vaccination and COVID-19 testing data for healthcare workers at University Hospitals Birmingham revealed that a portion of workers vaccinated with a first dose acquired COVID-19. It is imperative that healthcare workers remain vigilant against COVID-19 after a first dose to reduce the potential of onwards transmission to patients and other healthcare workers.  

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Analyses of COVID-19 Symptom Study survey responses from over 2.7 million people in the US, UK, and Sweden found no association between the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, including aspirin, and COVID-19 infection. These results suggest that patients and healthcare providers should continue to use these drugs for prevention of conditions like cardiovascular disease and chronic pain. 

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Responses from over 20,000 participants of the VirusWatch household study indicate that people living in deprived areas are more likely to use public transport, work/attend school outside the home, and visit essential shops; interventions to prevent exposure during these activities may reduce risk inequalities.  

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Patient and public voice feedback

As always, our reports on COVID-19 research and data are reviewed by our patient and public advisors. The feedback on this report stressed that as we continue to move out of a national lockdown and more of the population become vaccinated, it is imperative to better understand and communicate the effects of the vaccine on different and emerging variants.

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PROGRESS on Data and Connectivity National Core Study in this month’s report

REGISTER for the COVID-19 National Core Studies Symposium

The programme for the National Core Study Symposium event on 24 June 2021– Accelerating UK data driven insights in a pandemic – has now been announced. This free event brings together the six National Core Study teams and wider community to share impact on UK COVID science and policy. Everyone is welcome. 

EXPLORE our new webpage with information for the public

Our new webpage provides accessible information for the public about the COVID-19 Data and Connectivity National Core Study. This page was developed in collaboration with our public contributors who make up the advisory group for the study.   

Data & Connectivity – Information for the Public – HDR UK  

DISCOVER: COVID-19 data on the Health Data Research Innovation Gateway

There are now over 600 datasets listed and available to request access through this platform. These include 6 dedicated collections (54 datasets) for the National Core Studies into COVID-19, openly available to discover and request access.