Developing a UK Wide Health Data Research Platform

We are planning a Technology Sector Symposium to start a conversation with potential partners to help us develop the new platform for the Digital Innovation Hub. Details of our event are below and you can register your interest in attending the event by emailing  

Note that registrations for this event will close at 12 noon on 26 September 2018. 

This symposium is mainly aimed at those in the technology sector and organisations who can help us build the platform.

Date: Tuesday 2 October 2018

Time: 12noon-6pm

Location: Wellcome Trust, Gibbs Building, 215 Euston Road, London, NW1 2BE

Chair: Gerry Reilly; Chief Technology Officer, Health Data Research UK

Purpose of symposium

The primary aim of the symposium is to brief potential platform partners on the DIH programme and interest them in the opportunity to work with us to develop it. This will be achieved by:

  • Informing the technology sector of the aims of the Digital Innovation Hub programme as part of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund
  • Establishing the mutual benefits to patients, the NHS, researchers and innovators
  • Welcoming industry participation in co-development of the research platform
  • Defining key requirements for successful delivery of the Digital Innovation Hub platform
  • Facilitating collaboration across industry/academia/NHS to support this delivery
  • Decision makers in the health technology sector

The format of the symposium will be a combination of networking, talks, panel discussion and group discussion.

Register your interest to attend