The Health and Social Care Select Committee recently launched an inquiry focusing on digital transformation in the NHS, exploring the current use of digital technology and examining how it needs to change in order to deliver improvements in services and outcomes for patients. 

Health Data Research UK’s (HDR UK) mission, supported by its funders, is to unite the UK’s data to enable discoveries that improve’s people’s lives. 

To achieve this mission, HDR UK collaborates with the NHS as a key partner that brings UK-wide expertise in data infrastructures, data standards, governance and data analysis.   

We have actively collaborated since our establishment with local, regional and national NHS stakeholders and the leadership and focus of the NHS Transformation Directorate in NHS England is to be welcomed.  

The data collected and managed by the NHS is essential for research and innovation that improves people’s lives, and the continued digital transformation of the NHS is critical to make this data accessible for research in a transparent, trustworthy and secure framework. Public trust and confidence in the use of NHS data for research and innovation is a central priority for HDR UK and we are committed to working with the NHS to develop a digital and data  ecosystem which earns and maintains public trust and support to enable maximum benefit for the UK. 

Our response to the inquiry provides a summary of key areas of relevance to digital transformation and our answers to the committee’s questions.  

Read our response here submitted 10 June 2022