Health Data Research UK (HDR UK) are delighted to publish the latest interim paper Recommendations for Data Standards, building on the principles outlined in initial consultation paper published in June 2020. This paper encourages improvements in data usefulness and usability, with the aim of supporting research through the provision of clear guidance and recommendations. The standards were developed in collaboration with the health data community – including data custodians and users – as well as patients and the public.

Through this paper, HDR UK aims to: 

  • Develop an overview of current landscape of data standards.
  • Gain insights into data standards 1) that custodians should be implementing, and 2) the information users require within this landscape.
  • Increase the speed at which research can progress within health data domain, and the overall volume of valuable research.

This paper solidifies HDR UK’s  position on data standards following further engagement with the health data science community. HDR UK actively encourage health data organisations to adopt these principles as a broad guide, with acknowledgement of the potential financial implications of adoption for some organisations. 

An updated White Paper is due to be published in early Autumn 2021.

Read the interim paper, Recommendation for Data Standards