The seven new Health Data Research Hubs, which went live on 1 October 2019, have reached their first key milestone within 3 months. This funding milestone required the Hubs to deliver information (metadata) about datasets they hold to the Gateway, provide a plan for involving and engaging patients and the public, and have an operational physical space live by 31 December. This is a fantastic achievement in such a short space of time.

As a result, between them, the Hubs have made provided metadata relating 39 additional sets of data for the Gateway, helping other researchers and innovators in their work to advance health and care. The datasets provide an exciting level of diversity, covering areas including disease registries, primary and secondary care, prescribing data, mental health, genomics, imaging, longitudinal real-world data and linked datasets. The Hubs are now preparing to handle access requests from users of the Gateway.

In addition to the datasets discoverable through the Gateway, the Hubs all now have an operational physical environment, and have developed detailed plans in partnership with their respective patient and public groups as well as the HDR UK Public Advisory Board.

This is a fantastic achievement, which will be celebrated at an event on Tuesday 4 February. To watch the live stream of this event, register here

The second milestone for the Hubs will focus on case studies and data curation, and is due in March 2021.  All Hubs are continuing to engage data users and work on their strategy to improve the quality of data ahead of this date, and they will also focus on improving handling of data access requests in 2020.  Find out more about the Health Data Research Hubs here.