Health Data Research UK’s contribution to the Life Sciences Sector Deal Update

This week the Government published its Life Sciences Sector Deal 2, which aims to strengthen the UK’s position as a world leader in health research.

The Sector Deal outlines the joint commitments of government and industry to make the UK a global leader in life sciences, and outlines the progress made since the first Life Sciences Sector Deal was announced in December 2017.  This includes continued investment in health research and innovation for the benefit of UK citizens.

Health Data Research UK’s role in supporting the vision for UK life sciences is highlighted throughout the Deal, including our delivery of a UK-wide infrastructure for the safe and responsible use of patient data through the Digital Innovation Hub Programme.  This work, funded by the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF), will provide a common framework for the use of data for research and innovation alongside expert clinical research data services, data analysis and sharing capabilities.  The aim is to maximise the potential for health data to help people live longer and healthier lives.  The Deal also acknowledges our strategic partnership with NHS Digital to join-up data initiatives and the intention to establish a UK Health Data Research Alliance to encourage responsible data sharing for research and innovation.

Other highlights of the deal include a £75 million programme – Accelerating Detection of Disease – to develop new diagnostic tests by using artificial intelligence to study a group of 5 million healthy people.

Andrew Morris, Director of Health Data Research UK, said:

“We are pleased to see the publication of the Sector Deal and its commitment to research, innovation and collaboration across the life sciences sector.  Partnerships with patients and the publics will be critical to ensure these initiatives are delivered responsibly and bring benefits to everyone in the UK.  We are working with our partners across the UK to deliver improved clinical outcomes and prosperity.”