We require support with producing written content that communicates our mission, demonstrates our impact, and is accessible and inclusive to a lay audience.

Through this ITT, we plan to appoint a panel of freelance copywriters to support HDR UK with this important work. The panel will commence in Autumn 2022 and potentially be in place throughout our next quinquennial funding period 2023-2028.

HDR UK ITT Freelance Writers

Support requirements

HDR UK is seeking freelance writers to work with us to support the delivery of written communications that support our communications strategy.

The work will include (but does not guarantee and is not limited to): 3-6 research case studies per month as selected by HDR UK’s Impact Committee, lay summaries of research papers, news stories and press releases, event write ups, reports, annual reviews and other written content as required.

We are looking to select 3-4 freelance writers through this procurement process who will be invited to enter into a non-exclusive ‘Master Services Agreement’ with HDR UK.

As and when support is required, HDR UK will issue a brief to the panellists and a quote for each project will be required. The panellist chosen based on the best quote for any specific project will be awarded that piece of work to be ‘called-off’ under the pre-agreed terms of the ‘Master Services Agreement’.

Establishing this panel will make the process of appointing a panellist efficient over the period planned, mitigating the need for more frequent formal procurement each time.

Selection criteria

  • A good understanding of HDR UK’s work, and be able to communicate this in a concise and clear way that is accessible to the public.
  • Experience of, and ability to, produce content similar to that listed under ‘scope of the work’ for HDR UK or another relevant organisation in the health and research sector. This includes the ability to take highly scientific and/or technical material and producing high quality, accurate and engaging content for different and lay audiences – including researchers, academics, technologists, and the public.
  • A track record of working with scientists to understand the basis for their work, delivering interviews, writing copy and ensuring sign off/approvals.
  • The ability to deliver work on time and to brief, even if requested at short notice.


It is anticipated that services will be delivered remotely unless expressly requested as part of a specific project under this proposed agreement.

For example, a piece of work involving an event write-up/report may require the supplier to attend the event in person.

Tender response format

Please submit your response to by 17:00 BST on Friday 2nd September 2022.

If you have any questions before submitting your response, please send to  no later than 17:00 BST on Friday 26th August – the deadline for clarification questions.

A complete response will comprise:

  • A complete Response Template (Appendix 1 of the ITT)
  • Where requested, separate attachments, clearly labelled with supplier name and the specific requirement reference
  • Submission in a single compressed, .zip file clearly labelled with the supplier’s name.

HDR UK ITT Freelance Writers