HDR UK has set up a new online community for the growing number of people who have been part of its internships and postgraduate education programme.

The LinkedIn-based HDR UK Alumni Community aims to provide a single network where they can come together to share ideas, opportunities and information.

Anyone who has been part of one of HDR UK’s internships, post-graduate degrees, or fellowships is eligible to join – along with early career health data scientists whi are part of our research community.

Recent research by HDR UK showed a strong demand for this kind of initiative – and within a week of the launch there were already over 100 members.

The hope is that the Alumni Community will become a valuable national and international network that helps members advance their projects and careers.

Sarah Cadman, HDR UK Programme Director for Talent and Training said:

“Students and interns tell us how much they value the way that our programmes give them the chance to make contacts and build networks. We want these opportunities to continue and grow long after they have graduated and to provide a chance for people to carry on expanding their networks, discussing ideas and projects and developing new collaborations.

“These kind of connections could play an invaluable role in helping people advance their own careers and in building a strong future for health data science as a whole,”  

The aim is for the HDR UK Alumni Community to be member led and The Institute is currently looking for people who would like to help shape and run the group – this in itself could be an excellent leadership opportunity.

Membership is free – email us at learn@hdruk.ac.uk to get involved.