“We are delighted to announce a renewed partnership between Health Data Research UK and NHS England to work together to improve people’s lives through data-driven research and innovation. By working collaboratively, we can continue to bring together our expertise and experience to harness opportunities and deliver further and faster on our shared ambitions.

Over the last five years the health data landscape for research and innovation has evolved rapidly and several data policies and strategies have been published in recent months. To ensure alignment across our organisations, we are developing a joint work plan, overseen by a delivery group, which will be regularly reviewed. Initially the plan will focus on areas of priority for both HDR UK and NHS England including, but not limited to; the development of infrastructure and services, evidence-based policy, patient and public involvement and engagement, building skills and capability and research programmes.

Working in this way will ensure greater alignment across our strategic plans and will support our aims to bring benefits to patients and the public, the NHS, and researchers and innovators across the UK by making better use of data, in line with the Data Saves Lives strategy.”

David Seymour
Director of Infrastructure and Services, Health Data Research UK

Hardeep Jhutty
Deputy Director, Strategy and Development, Centre for Improving Data Collaboration
NHS Transformation Directorate, NHS England