Yudhis has a clear capacity for using technology to help patients and to advance research.

After doing well in a hackathon run by Imperial College Business School he is now establishing a start-up business based on an AI model he helped develop to improve Parkinson’s medication by using wearables to provide constant monitoring of patients’ tremors.

Yudhis Lumadyo

The Indonesian student had previously taken a degree in Medical Science which included a dissertation on the use of blood count tests for the early detection of cancer.

All this experience has given him a profound appreciation of how passive collection of data through wearables can benefit personalised care and generate invaluable data for wider research.

Yudhis is now taking the MSc in Health Data Science at Exeter which is allowing him to expand his knowledge of subjects such as machine learning and data science in healthcare.

Some of the projects he has been involved with are directly related to his own areas of interest – for example working with a private sector business on an automated system that helps clinicians to instantly identify which drugs are suitable for a particular patient.

He’s also been impressed with the way that the course has allowed them to use real NHS data to address lifelike challenges – such as creating a simulation to identify what would be the optimum number of beds for a new hospital ward.

Once Yudhis has completed the course he hopes to work in academia and to progress to a PhD.

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