Human Data Sciences (HDS), was founded in 2006 by experienced epidemiologists and
health economists to deliver complex studies using routine data (RWD). HDS later
transitioned into a technology company.

Livingstone, developed by the Human Data Sciences team, is a revolutionary analytics
platform and trusted research environment (TRE). Livingstone instantly reports RWD
analysis. Uniquely, what has typically taken many, many months or years for an experienced team can now be accomplished in minutes by a novice with Livingstone.

Automation is a major step in the evolution of our scientific discipline.

Livingstone can be deployed across a company as Saas, or by working with the HDS team as a managed service. HDS will help you create scientific reports and outputs in minutes with complete confidence, saving valuable time and money. Where necessary, we will happily assist you in applying for approvals for your research studies too.

HDS delivers RWE insights for the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries, health
systems managers, regulators and governmental agencies and healthcare researchers.
These health data insights inform timely, innovative healthcare solutions world-wide. The most recent iteration of Livingstone as instant outcomes functionality.