The Honest Broker Service (HBS) is the Trusted Research Environment for Health and Social Care (HSC) Northern Ireland and is hosted within the HSC Business Services Organisation (BSO).

The HBS enables access to linked, de-identified health data for research purposes. The HBS works under the Five Safes Framework to protect data confidentiality.

A range of high-quality data on the health of Northern Ireland is available alongside metadata. This includes administrative datasets such as Emergency Department and other Hospital Admissions and Discharges, the NI Regional Maternity System, Medical Card Registrations, the Enhanced Prescribing Database, Dental and Ophthalmic Data and more recently, COVID-19 antigen testing databases.

Approved researchers can access data remotely via the Health Data Research Northern Ireland tenancy of the Secure e-Research Platform.


HBS are open to applications from across the UK, and have a collection on the Health Data Research UK Innovation Gateway.

For further information you can submit an enquiry via the Gateway or contact