Claire’s previous experience lies solely within the public and patient sector. Claire, from the East Midlands, has Usher Syndrome type 2 (Deafblind), she is also a wife, mother and has volunteered with guide dogs since 2013.

Claire was born deaf and attended main stream schooling. This has equipped her with many skills needed for an inclusive world, as Claire is also an advocate for the Molly Watt Trust and is keen on sharing the awareness needed to keep today’s society an inclusive and accessible one.

As Claire’s eyesight deteriorated due to Retinitis Pigmentosa in her early 20s, she got her Guide Dog Minnie and ever since her world has expanded, working as a Volunteer Community Fundraising Administrator. Claire has experienced many hurdles and overcome them, she is experienced in public engagement and media. As a patient at Moorfield’s and a participant of the 100,000 genome project, she brings an understanding of patient experience & genetic data as well as personal interest. She was a carer for her mother, who battled breast cancer over 8 years; something that taught her a lot about the hospital care system and recognising the importance of patient and family inclusion in all aspects of treatments and care.

Claire is not afraid of overcoming her disability and she regularly does so, proving that disability is not a barrier if accessibly and inclusivity is incorporated. She has worked with the NHS making them aware of accessibility flaws on simple tasks such as booking appointments and advised on improvements. She has also completed several endurance challenges to raise funds for a number of charities. Claire strives to make todays health care system inclusive and accessible for all.


Minnie is Claire’s working Guide Dog born 4th October 2011 at the national Guide dog breeding centre. Claire and Minnie have been a working partnership since August 2013. Minnie is  a Yellow Golden Retriever cross Labrador, trained by Nottingham Guide Dogs.

Minnie loves to carry soft toy Ducks in her mouth and is very much a people dog enjoying any fuss offered to her, she works very hard in harness but also enjoys her down time as well. She is Claire’s guiding light and genuinely loves her job, her waggy tail never stops and she gives a beautiful smile when she knows she’s done her job well. With Minnie by her side, Claire can travel independently across the country, opening up her world. Upon arrival and after her greeting-fusses Minnie will love a snooze under the table after a job well done.