Emmanuel Ughoo is a dedicated professional with a background in finance who has recently discovered a passion for healthcare and AI. After seven successful years in the banking industry, Emmanuel made the courageous decision to pursue his true calling in data science. His journey led him to earn a Distinction in his Masters in Applied Artificial Intelligence and Data Science from Solent University, UK in October 2023, through an Ofs scholarship, underscoring his commitment to academic excellence.

Emmanuel’s excitement knows no bounds as he embarks on an internship journey with the British Heart Foundation Data Science Centre, a dream opportunity that he views as the missing link to perfecting his skills in health data science. This opportunity represents a pivotal moment in his career as he transitions into this new field with eagerness and determination.

His journey into AI and data science has already been marked by notable achievements, including presenting his groundbreaking research on ‘AI-Powered Cardiovascular ICU Predictor’ at the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare, London in January 2024. His work bridges theory and practice, showcasing the tangible impact of machine learning on reshaping cardiovascular healthcare.

Driven by a deep-seated commitment to making a meaningful difference in healthcare, Emmanuel aspires to bridge the gap between technological innovation and patient outcomes. His ultimate goal is to leverage his expertise in AI and data science to contribute to advancements that have a real-world impact.

Emmanuel is an intern with: