I am a passionate public health (M.Sc.) graduate and adept data analyst driven to address global health challenges and promote accessible healthcare. Observing the difficulties and inequalities during the COVID-19 pandemic gave me a strong sense of purpose to support constructive change within the public health domain. I am convinced that data analysis has the power to bridge gaps in health equity and reform healthcare systems. My goal is to use my expertise to help design policies that improve the lives of marginalised communities. Apart from my career pursuits, I commit my time to volunteering with Healthwatch Birmingham, where I collect direct feedback from individuals accessing social and health services to improve accessibility. The HDR internship has me thrilled, and I can’t wait to learn about and contribute to the development of a cutting-edge data research infrastructure that will promote UK public health plans by concentrating on cross-domain linkage and sensitive data analysis.

Faad is an intern with: