Fabian believes that the ethical application of machine learning and statistics to healthcare offers enormous potential benefits for society.

He has a particular interest in methodological aspects of machine learning and hopes the PhD programme will allow him to broaden his knowledge, giving him the skills to solve challenging research problems.

Despite the restrictions caused by COVID-19, he felt that the students were able to collaborate on projects highly effectively during their foundation year.

Indeed, something that he feels makes this programme stand out from others is that students are working with experts from universities all across the UK rather just a handful of academics from one department in their own institution.

His thesis project will see him explore probabilistic machine learning for high-dimensional applications in health.

Fabian’s background

Following an MSc in Computing Science in 2018, Fabian remained at Imperial College London worked as a research engineer in robotics and computer vision. He was also a research assistant in statistical machine learning at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Oxford. In 2019 he co-organised the Machine Learning for Health workshop at NeurIPS.

Outside university he enjoys singing, playing the guitar and any racket sport you throw at him, particularly tennis and badminton.

Fabian has a website at www.fabianfalck.com