Grazziela Figueredo is an associate professor in Health Data Science at The University of Nottingham. She is also Research and Innovation Lead within the Digital Research Service at the university. She is leading the federated analytics workstream from Nottingham.

She is also the HDR UK Training Lead for Federated Analytics.Grazziela has a background in computer science, having started her research career investigating medical domains such as pathology, psychopatology and immunology with the aim of identifying potential research gaps in medicine that could benefit from data-driven AI methods, but also how intelligent algorithms could be developed inspired by bodily system functioning to address big data challenges.Her current research is focussed on developing novel methodologies for big data analytics, federated analytics, systems simulation, and explainable artificial intelligence with applications in the (bio)medical and (bio) materials domains. She is particularly interested at co-development of intelligent healthcare data-driven solutions that incorporate expert clinical and patient feedback to explain, moderate and further validate outcomes of artificial intelligence approaches.