Professor Julia Schnabel is Chair in Computational Imaging, School of Biomedical Engineering and Imaging Sciences, King’s College London, a role she is continuing part-time since her appointment as Professor in Computational Imaging and AI in Medicine, Technical University of Munich (TUM Liesel Beckmann Distinguished Professorship) and Director of the Institute of Machine Learning in Biomedical Imaging (Helmholtz Distinguished Professorship), Helmholtz Munich (German Centre for Environmental Health) in May 2021. She was awarded her Diplom (MSc. equiv) in Informatics in 1993 from the Technical University of Berlin, and her PhD in Computer Science from University College London. Before joining King’s in 2015, she has been Associate Professor in Engineering Science (Medical Imaging) at the University of Oxford, where she became Full Professor of Engineering Science by Recognition of Distinction in 2014.

Julia’s research focus is in developing innovative and cross-cutting methods for machine/deep learning, motion modelling, multi-modality and quantitative imaging with applications to cancer, cardiovascular diseases, neurology and perinatal health. She has co-/authored over 200 peer-reviewed publications, is on the editorial board of the leading journals in this field, and has organised some of the major international conferences in medical imaging. As Director of the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in (Smart) Medical imaging at King’s College London and Imperial College London and member of the ERC Innovative Training Network in Hybrid Imaging she has been training the next generation of imaging scientists to work at the interface of artificial intelligence and medical imaging.