Bio: I am currently a second year BSc Computer Science student at City University of London. I have a passion for health care as well as data and technology and look forward to working in a field which combines the two. From my internship I hope to gain an insight into data science and the impact of data on the real world. In addition, I aim to expand my technical skills by working with different software.

Project: Deriving clinical trial features through text mining with Dr Christiana Kartsonaki at University of Oxford.

The International Clinical Trials Registry Platform contains information on over half a million clinical trials. There are various trial characteristics recorded, such as study date, disease studied, intervention, geographical region, and sponsor type. The aims of the project are to use text mining approaches to derive trial features which can be used in analysis and to subsequently use those to study the trends of trial registrations over time. The project will involve using the statistical software R and some of its add-on packages to carry out data curation and statistical analysis.