During her foundation year Tianxiao developed an interest in causal inference and clinical prediction models for improving clinical decision support system.

She became interested in health data science during her undergraduate which involved a lot about applying statistics and machine learning to medical science.

This inspired her to apply for the PhD programme – for which she is being co-sponsored by Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).

During the first year she was impressed by the immersion weeks, which have been organised by different universities across the UK and have given her insights into areas of health data science she previously knew little about. The 3-month group project she was involved in offered her a unique opportunity to work with large-scale NHS patient data and engage at the frontline of Covid-19 pandemic research.

Her thesis project focuses on predicting individual disease progression and individual treatment effects under dynamic treatment regimens.

Once her PhD is complete Tianxiao hopes for a career as a researcher or lecturer in health data science.

Tianxiao’s background

A University of Manchester graduate with a background in mathematics and statistics, Tianxiao went on to study Statistical Science for her Master’s at Oxford.

Her hobbies include travel and baking.