Dr Utkarsh Agrawal is a Research Fellow in Health Data Science and is currently working on the multimorbidity project to analyse multiple different datasets that hold information on over 10 million people. His research will focus on using data science and machine learning algorithms to answer multimorbidity related question such as which diseases and conditions are found together, how they develop as people age and which diseases (or their combination) cause the most problems for people and the health service.

Before joining the University of St Andrews, Utkarsh worked as Research Associate in School of Computer Science at the University of Nottingham. Utkarsh also received his PhD from the University of Nottingham and his research interests include data fusion, data science, and applied machine learning in real-world applications.

Dr Agrawal is an HDR UK Futures tutor and a member of the HDR UK Impact Committee, who meet each month to select the most impactful outputs from across the HDR UK community.