I am from Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, England, originally from Nigeria. I found out about the HDR UK Black Internship program online and thought it was a brilliant opportunity to gain invaluable insight into how data science is harnessed in the health sector, develop my skills as well as get hands on experience. I have always had a huge passion in the STEM fields which informed my choice of undergraduate degree course (Mathematics and Computer Science, in Nigeria), as well as my master’s degree course (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, at the University of Birmingham, UK). During this internship, my hopes and expectation is to experience first-hand how AI can help us to drive change in the health sector and the important role that data plays, and in the process help me to develop and refine my skills. The internship program is a rewarding opportunity which can help open doors for my career aspirations. For the future, I am currently keeping my options open, one of which is a possible progression to do my doctorate with the hope of making a career in Research, and I am looking forward to gaining valuable research skills which will enable me to become a better scholar and researcher.