This project is bringing together two big studies that aim to find out the role of schools in the spread of COVID-19, and how schools can help to reduce the spread of the virus. The studies are the ‘Office for National Statistics School Infection Survey’ and the ‘COVID Mapping & Mitigation in Schools’.  We will use data from these to compare results about how COVID-19 spreads in schools, and from schools to households.

We will also identify and develop research questions and a research plan to find out if there are long term consequences for health and education in children that get COVID-19, if children have different causes and outcomes of COVID-19 depending on if they have symptoms or not, and if children get COVID-19 more than once.

We will develop a collaboration between the two studies with the aim of providing greater insight and understanding of COVID-19 infection in children, and its long-term impacts, which is limited at the moment.  Our findings will help schools and communities stop the spread of COVID-19, show how COVID-19 is most likely to spread and help develop public health activities directed at children.

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