The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work, with many job losses and increased job insecurity, job instability, financial hardship and worry. While most UK workers have faced issues and concerns, there are big differences across different groups of workers.

This project is comparing how the pandemic is changing the working lives of men and women. The study will explore whether it is increasing or decreasing gender inequalities, as well as if there are new gender inequalities caused by the pandemic. Our research will look at data that includes a large range of workers from a variety of workplaces and industries across the UK.

In particular, this project will find out if there are key differences between men and women in unemployment levels, the hours of work and money earned. We will also look at how workplaces are affected: which businesses were most likely to close, how many people are working from home, and did this differ between genders. We will further track how these changes made people feel, if they were worried about changes to their pay, and if they had to balance working and caring responsibilities (such as home-schooling).

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