This policy has been designed to encourage good conduct in research so as to maximise its benefits for researchers, patients, and the broader public. In conjunction with HDR UK’s related policies, this policy promotes a research and innovation culture defined by integrity, good governance and best practice.

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This policy applies to all HDR UK Staff, HDR UK Secondees, and HDR UK Community Members conducting research; where research is defined as a process of investigation leading to new insights, effectively shared.  This includes but is not limited to clinical, computational, and laboratory research as well as qualitative approaches such as surveys and focus groups.

HDR UK Community Members are defined as individuals in receipt of funding from HDR UK or involved in an HDR UK programme or project including Institute Research Organisation Directors, Associate Directors, Researchers, Scientists, Technologists, Triallists, Fellows and Post Doctoral Researchers, PhD and MSc students.

This policy applies to all stages of research from design through to dissemination.