What we do

We provide training and learning opportunities to develop health data scientists with the cutting edge skills for careers at the forefront of a rapidly evolving sector.

Our emphasis is on training with a clear, immediate impact and on creating a diverse and representative workforce.

  • Preparing undergraduates and graduates for a health data science career
  • Attracting talented people from other fields, including maths and technical backgrounds
  • Enabling existing health data scientists to upskill and advance their careers.

What we offer

Our training and study opportunities are filling the national data skills gap and improving health and care by realising the potential of large-scale data, in line with HDR UK’s research priorities.

Our portfolio includes:

  • HDR UK Futures – flexible, online, expert-led bite-sized video-based CPD training
  • CPD workshops, webinars and seminars
  • Undergraduate research scholarships
  • The Black Internship Programme
  • Immersion weeks for those wishing to change disciplines
  • MSc-equivalent apprenticeships
  • MSc scholarships
  • A four-year PhD programme
  • Research fellowships

Our training is carried out by subject matter experts from the four home nations and in partnership with leading UK universities, research organisations, specialist national and international providers.

Our initiatives are directly geared to supporting HDR UK’s National Research Priorities (Better care, understanding the causes of diseases, improving public health, applied analytics, plus better, faster, more efficient clinical trials) and are driven by our Long-term Vision.

Our impact

Our offerings have resulted in hundreds of people benefitting from internships, scholarships, specialist courses and events as well as master’s, PhD and fellowship programmes. Read more about our impact, with details about individual offerings.

"We have a rapidly growing role as a trusted provider of high quality learning and training that specifically matches the needs of the sector and of people ambitious for a career at the forefront of health data research."

Sarah Cadman, HDR UK Programme Director for Capacity Building

What drives us

Everything that we do is guided by our ’20-year vision’.

Talent and Training Advisory Group

Advice and guidance on training strategy, curriculum and delivery is provided by the Talent and Training Advisory Group (TTAG).

The group also offers recommendations and support on identifying future training and health data science trends, impact and growth opportunities.

TTAG represents diverse perspectives with members drawn from academia, industries, health charities and NHS.

Does your organisation need health data training?

Get in touch with us if you have a training need, a training offer for health data science researchers, or want to know more about our study and training portfolio.