I grew up in Brussels and moved to the UK in 2017 to study Psychology at Edinburgh University. In 2019, I was fortunate enough to spend my study year abroad at the University of Otago in New Zealand.

I am currently working at Grafham Grange School, a Special Educational and Mental Health Needs School in Surrey as a pastoral care and learning support assistant. This job has been both rewarding and challenging, and I have enjoyed being able to apply my Psychology knowledge to real life circumstances.

My next step is an upcoming master’s in Population Health Sciences at the University of Cambridge. Finding out that I was successful in this HDR UK scholarship has been a major contributor to me pursuing my master’s at Cambridge, and for which I am extremely grateful.

Alzheimer’s Disease is an area I have been interested in since GCSE-level Biology and I am honoured to be able to contribute to Alzheimer’s research. Many thanks to all those in the HDR UK, Diabetes UK and Alzheimer’s Research UK team who have helped make this opportunity possible.

Aside from my work and studies I enjoy creating art and calligraphy, hiking Duke-of-Edinburgh-style and playing the piano.