Training is vitally important to the future development of health data science. Our Training Leads promote training, knowledge exchange and the development of best practice across all nations and regions of the UK.

We also have Training Leads for each of HDR UK’s five Research Driver Programmes and for the Institute’s individual workstreams.

Working alongside our UK-level Capacity Building Team they foster a dynamic learning environment and promote a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing across HDR UK and the wider health data science community.

Infrastructure and Services Training Leads

  • Yemi Macaulay – Trust and Transparency – Data Ethics and Governance (Five Safes)
  • Edel McNamara – Trust and Transparency – Data Ethics and Governance (Data Access Mapping and International)
  • Rachel Brophy – Trust and Transparency – Data Ethics and Governance (Technical Contracts and GDPR)
  • Ester Bellavia – Trust and Transparency – PPIE
  • Grazziela Figueredo – Federated analytics
  • Fiona Lugg-Widger – Transforming Clinical Trials
  • Natalie Fitzpatrick – Phenomics and Prognostic Atlas.

Driver Programmes Training Leads

  • Helen Tatlow – Big Data for Common Complex Diseases
  • Gwyn Davies, Mohammad Al Sallakh – Inflammation and Immunity
  • Peter Bath – Medicines in Acute and Chronic Care
  • Angela Wood, Lauma Ramona, Richard Houghton – Molecules to Electronic Health Records
  • Matthew Lilliman, Pia Hardelid – Social and Environmental Determinants of Health.

Regions and Nations Training Leads

  • Angela Wood, Richard Houghton, Lauma Ramona – Cambridge
  • Natalie Fitzpatrick – London
  • Kevin Dunn – Midlands
  • Peter Bath – North
  • Natasha Sahgal, Sumeeta Maheshwari – Oxford
  • Serena Tricarico – Scotland
  • Yinghui Wei – South West
  • Gwyneth Davies – Wales.

"Our team is made up of a wide range of specialists and experts from every area of health data science. What they all share in common is a deep commitment to the importance of training and making it available in every part of the UK," Sarah Cadman, Programme Director – Capacity Building, HDR UK.”

About the Training Leads

Our team of Training Leads:

  • Support the the exchange of training insights, methodologies, and resources between programmes and regions.
  • Support development of strategies to capture and share best practices and successful training approaches.
  • Collaborate with programmes and the central training teams to identify and fill gaps in training content.
  • Work with subject matter experts to develop training modules incorporating both regional and national perspectives.
  • Support the evaluation of training programmes.