Our PhD programme has been set up to champion scientific excellence and to address the needs of the health data science sector by ensuring it has highly talented early-stage scientists whose skills span three fundamental areas: statistical, computational and health sciences.

students recruited from a wide-range of quantitative subject backgrounds
million (£) funding pool

How we are delivering

  • Leveraging specialist knowledge to develop self-directed projects ranging in scope from electronic health records to clinical trails for mental health conditions
  • Trail-blazing training for these graduate leaders to seamlessly traverse academic, health and business sectors
  • Confirmed Subject Matter Experts leading to secured internships with world-leading health organisations
  • Championing novel and inclusive STEM recruitment practices

Team members

The team that oversees the PhD programme consists of leading experts in disciplines including theoretical physics, computer science, mathematics and statistics, applied mathematics and biochemistry.

Fund a PhD or become a Training Partner

If you are interested in funding a PhD student or becoming a training partner, please contact the PhD team

Alignment with Strategic Priorities

Looking for details on the PhD Programme, or how to apply?

Visit our PhD page, which has details about the programmes currently available.