Workshops, webinars, bite-sized videos, and courses

The Training team offer a portfolio of training programmes to aid continuing professional development of health data scientists. The programme includes live workshops, webinars, bite-sized videos and self-directed online courses. Programmes are designed to upskill participants in a wide range of health data science areas, and are developed in partnership with subject matter experts spanning NHS, academia, health charities, research and industry.

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Key details

  • Online learning environment with >12,000 global learners spanning a broad spectrum of health data science roles, sectors and career stages
  • Calendar of live training events including workshops, webinars and career talks
  • CPD accreditation from the CPD Accreditation Service, Faculty of Clinical Informaticians and formally recommended by the Association of Professional Healthcare Analysts
  • Bespoke training delivered to key partners from NHS, government and industry
  • Practical hands-on skills development with Jupyter notebooks and simulations
  • Responsive to the most urgent skills gaps e.g. reproducible analytical pipelines and trusted research environments

Help us create excellent educational content

We are always on the look-out for new partners and subject matter experts. Get in touch with the team if you have a training need to address or are interested in partnering to create high quality learning in any format.

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What it's like to work with us

“It was a great pleasure delivering this workshop to health practitioners from a variety of backgrounds and roles and seeing them come together and collaborate towards applying information engineering tools and techniques in practice. A topic that begun to attract attention in the health settings and will be the backbone of digitalisation and AI implementation.”

Iliada Eleftheriou, Lecturer in Healthcare Sciences, University of Manchester

“Skills such as reproducible research practices, research software engineering and data literacy are increasingly important in a digital world. It is wonderful that HDR UK are making these skills more accessible and I am proud to be part of the effort.”

Heidi Seibold, Freelance trainer in open and reproducible research

"It was a pleasure to run the HIE workshop and to see the enthusiasm, effort and engagement that participants put into to making this a success. The quality of work that was produced was very high for such a short time, and it's great to hear that some of them will be able to apply these skills to their work in healthcare.”

Dr Alan Davies Senior Lecturer in Health Data Science, University of Manchester

Alignment with Strategic Priorities