Long-term Vision

We have a 20-year vision to work with the health service, industry and academia to attract and train people with transformative mindsets to become health data scientists, as well as develop the existing workforce.

As the national institute for health data science we are developing a training and study framework that encourages new people into the field and provides the entire workforce with up-to-the-minute skills and learning.

Our Approach

We have an extensive portfolio of study and training opportunities. Our accessible nationwide CPD programme aims to fill training gaps with high quality learning, and MSc and PhD programmes will train the next generation of leaders in our field. We also have an Academic School to encourage health data scientists to develop a collaborative peer network.

Who We Train

We aim to inspire talented mathematicians, scientists, data analysts, engineers and others to enter a rewarding and rapidly advancing area of science. We are also creating the conditions for them to have fulfilling careers that make the most of their potential.

Together they are pivotal to teams that are pushing back the frontiers in everything from genomics, biomedical research and wearables to electronic health records and medical imaging.

An Emerging Sector

Health data science is developing rapidly, offering rewarding careers at the forefront of medical and healthcare research. We are committed to ensuring that health data scientists have the education and training they need for a flourishing future and that the next generation are equipped for the exciting challenges ahead.

Nurturing talent and providing training are also essential to filling the national data skills gap and to building the workforce needed to fulfil HDR UK’s mission to improve health and care by realising the potential of large-scale data.