HDR UK’s mission is to accelerate trustworthy data use to enable discoveries that improve people’s lives. To achieve this goal, we are committed to improving every step of the researcher journey, from data discovery to data analysis and generation of insights.

Adoption of standards and common data models (CDMs) is a necessary step to improve data usability and interoperability for real world evidence generation that ultimately leads to patient benefit. 

The importance of using standardised structures, content and analytics has been demonstrated through various scientific use cases, for example in the areas of medical product safety surveillance, comparative effectiveness research, personalised risk prediction and drug effectiveness. To understand and demonstrate the impact of research and innovation derived from use of high-quality data mapped to the OMOP common data model, we propose to support a pilot real-world evidence network.

With this funding call, we aim to commission a Co-ordination Centre and its leadership to set up a network of data partners who will provide access to research-ready datasets and associated analytical scripts and tools, which can be used to answer priority research questions, and thus inform public health.  The network is intended to build on investments already made to harmonise data assets to the OMOP Common Data Model, including but not limited to, UK-based EHDEN Data Partners.  It will also draw on other international OMOP-based developments, including OHDSI and DARWIN-EU

The successful Co-ordination Centre will support the selection of up to 7 ‘OMOP-ready’ data partners through a separate funding call to be announced early summer 2024.  The initial wave of data partners is expected to include organisations from across the UK, drawing on NHS Research Secure Data Environments (SDE) network and Scottish Data Safe Havens.

The Centre will support the data partners to characterise their data resources; it will maintain a catalogue of data sources and software tools through the Health Data Research Innovation Gateway; and it will run high quality research studies using the partners’ data.

The Centre will initially be funded for 12 months and will serve as a proof of concept for a sustainable UK real-world evidence network. During that time, the Centre will work with stakeholders to develop a proposal for a subsequent phase of development based on an assessment of progress achieved and understanding of future opportunities. 

 A Scientific Lead will be appointed to guide the centre’s operational processes and structure, as well as to support selection of data partners and the coordination of research studies. The Scientific Lead will co-lead the Network in collaboration with an HDR UK Programme Lead. 

This call has a budget of £250,000 to fund the winning organisation for 1 year. There is an additional £300,000 to support up to seven UK data partners.

 The deadline for applications is 16:00 BST on Monday 13 May 2024.


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