A public body, a government agency and a multi-disciplinary research group specialising in data governance join the UK Health Data Research Alliance (the Alliance) and our commitment to accelerating improvements in biomedicine, health and care through the responsible use of health-relevant data in a trustworthy, ethical way for research and innovation.

The three new members are:  

  • National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) who produce useful and usable guidance, helping health and care practitioners deliver the best care to patients, fast, while ensuring value for the taxpayer. 
  • Data Research Access and Governance Network (DRAGoN) who are a world leading research group based at the University of the West of England, Bristol, comprising academics in disciplines as diverse as law, philosophy, economics, psychology, operations management and computing. As data governance specialists they are responsible for many of the core principles and frameworks for the effective management and governance of confidential data for research, and are regular advisers to government and academia. 
  • The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) is an executive agency, sponsored by the Department of Health and Social Care. UKHSA prevents, prepares for and responds to infectious diseases, and environmental hazards, to keep all our communities safe, save lives and protect livelihoods. It provides scientific and operational leadership, working with local, national and international partners to protect the public’s health and build the nation’s health security capability. 

These three organisations join one hundred existing Alliance members who work together to develop common standards, best practices and tools to accelerate trustworthy access and use of health-related data for research and innovation.

Dr Páll Jónsson Programme Director – Data and Real-World Evidence, at NICE, said

“At NICE we look forward to our participation in the UK Health Data Research Alliance. NICE has been at the forefront of using real-world evidence in our products, and being part of this alliance will support our aims to develop this space further. We will bring our expertise to the Alliance as the use of health data grows in the UK research community.”

Felix Ritchie, Director of DRAGoN, said

“Since the pandemic, and the massive recent interest in secure research facilities, data governance in public health research has come right to the fore of research planning. We look forward to being active members of the UK Health Data Research Alliance, sharing and developing good practices and making sure the UK’s extensive heath data resources are fully exploited for the public good.” 

Steven Riley, Director General – Data, Analytics Surveillance at UK HSA, said:

“Through the UK Health Data Research Alliance, we strengthen our connection with leading experts and institutions dedicated to harnessing the transformative power of data and analytics in healthcare. Through better data, this partnership supports the UKHSA mission to prepare for, prevent and respond to health threats, save lives and protect livelihoods.”

Paola Quattroni, Head of Alliance Strategy and Engagement for HDR UK, says: 

“It is fantastic that the UK Health Data Research Alliance continues to grow and diversify, demonstrating the desire across the sector to come together around the common cause of uniting health data that will make real and substantial improvements to health and care across the UK. We look forward to working with our new and existing members on our programme of work in the coming months”

Funded and convened by Health Data Research UK (HDR UK), the Alliance brings together partner organisations committed to improving access to data across cohorts, biobanks, NHS trusts, national agencies and programmatic investments to transform the UK’s health outcomes.   

For any queries or information about how to join the UK Health Data Research Alliance, email ukalliance@hdruk.ac.uk