Patients are set to benefit from the use of innovative technology such as artificial intelligence in medical imaging and pathology, through five new centres announced today by the government.

These centres of excellence, with partnerships across the NHS, universities and industry, will work collaboratively across the UK to develop technology solutions and products for more intelligent analysis of medical imaging and pathology data. The aim is to diagnose diseases at an earlier stage, create better clinical decisions for patients, and free up more staff time for direct patient care across the NHS.

The investment in these centres – based in Leeds, Oxford, Coventry, Glasgow and London – will help drive a new understanding of how complex diseases develop, in a proactive step to ensure people get the right treatment at the right time.

The centres will be funded through the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, the government’s flagship investment programme that focusses on addressing the opportunities and challenges of the future.  This Fund is managed by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), and includes investment in the Digital Innovation Hub Programme, led by Health Data Research UK.

Read the government’s full announcement

Professor Andrew Morris, Director of Health Data Research UK, said:

“These centres of excellence have a major opportunity to transform health outcomes for patients and the public using new technology and data in a responsible and ethical way.  The partnership between the NHS, academics and business with patients and the public is crucial to ensure the benefits are far reaching for everyone living in the UK.

We look forward to working with UKRI, these new centres, our partners and patients and the public as we develop our approach for the trustworthy use of health data for research and innovation at scale across the UK.”