Richard Houghton is the Programme Manager for the HDR UK Cambridge Site and leads the operational development and delivery of HDR UK Cambridge and the Molecules to Health Records driver programme. He is accountable for delivering the HDR UK objectives for outstanding partnership science, training and capacity development, and stakeholder engagement in order to advance the Cambridge site’s profile on the national and global stage.

In addition he is also a Training Lead for the Molecules to Electronic Health Records programme and for the Cambridge region.

Richard is an experienced operations and programme manager, having worked as the Senior Project Manager for International Studies in the Department of Public Health and Primary Care (DPHPC) at the University of Cambridge, and then as Director of Operations in the DPHPC for 6 years, managing Professor Danesh’s research units.

Prior to working as an operations and programme manager, Richard attained a BSc in Biochemistry and went on to gain wet-lab experience working in the fields of developmental genetics and transgenics at MRC institutes, before leading a high-throughput transgenics team at the Wellcome Sanger Institute.