COALESCE stands for: Capacity and capability Of UK-wide Analysts to LEverage health data at Scale using COVID-19 as an Exemplar.

The COALESCE study’s primary aim is to provide both the UK and the devolved governments (Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales) with the information necessary to actionably improve COVID-19 vaccine uptake and coverage.

Their ultimate aim, however, is to further develop analytical processes and procedures that will allow for future UK-wide COVID-19, and perhaps also non-COVID-19, studies

What is COALESCE investigating?

COLESCE is working towards:

  • Identifying and describing which groups of people in the UK, and each of the four nations, are sub-optimally vaccinated. That is, people who qualify but have not received either any of their:
    • First dose
    • Second dose
    • Third dose
    • First booster
    • Second booster vaccinations.
  • Understanding and characterising what serious outcomes of infection, such as COVID-19 related hospital admissions, critical care unit admissions and deaths, among people who are sub-optimally vaccinated.
  • Consider the possible policy and healthcare implications of our results for each nation and the UK as a whole.

How will they do this?

COALESCE have received the necessary access and permissions to analyse data from across each of the four nations, consisting of:

Who is involved?

COALESCE is a partnership between Scotland’s EAVE II project and British Heart Foundation’s Data Science Centre (part of Health Data Research UK). COALESCE’s team includes members from institutions across all four UK nations and has an actively involved Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPIE) group.

Where can I find out more?

Visit the COALESCE project research site at: COALESCE | The University of Edinburgh